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Europe is Sexy

Ch 25

Snyder's AP European History Classes

Otto von Bismarck

Ch 25

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Ernst Mach           Ernest Renan          Ernest Rutherford

I like the name trends
And how sometimes a bunch of the same name pops us at a certain time period

Ten points if you know what any of those Ernests did! (Without looking it up, of course)

Unrelated Interesting Tidbit:
   Remember last chapter reading about Mary Wollstonecraft? She was the feminist who wrote "The Vindication of the Rights of Women" in the 1790s. Well, she married a man named William Godwin, who was one of the major leaders of the anarchist movement. Mary died giving birth to her only child, a daughter also named Mary. Who is later to be known as Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein. Pretty cool, huh? You can thank Ms Karolak for sharing that little story with me

Also, I really liked these last few chapters. It's closing in on the gap of what I didn't know in history and what I already understood.
Fun fun fun 
Except, reading that Darwin thought women were inferior made me really sad

  • I know! Some social history stuff is really boring but this chapter goes along with everything I learned in psychology and what we're learning in AP English so well that everything just makes sense. Very cool
  • doesn't it make you sad how someone that's so brilliant can be so ignorant??

    haha ps they all have sexy side parts ;)
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