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Europe is Sexy

In case anyone was wondering...

Snyder's AP European History Classes

Otto von Bismarck

In case anyone was wondering...

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...Rasputin's penis has its own Wikipedia aricle.

  • Snyder's stories on rasputin made going to school this week completely worth it

    I've decided I love history because it's just story telling
    With the added bonus of it all being real

    "The women worshiped the member as a fertility charm, storing it inside a wooden casket." hahaha
  • The best part about Snyder's class is, European history has the potential of being the most boring class of all time. But Snyder and a few interesting anecdotes make it all worthwhile.
  • History versus Reality

    Good history teachers usually make it sound like they were in the room when events happened like the signing of the Declaration of Independence, or Mrs. Lincoln nagging Abe to go to the theater that night. There was a history teacher, Mrs. Campbell at Dondero. One of those who still wore seamed stockings after the creation of pantyhose. She was so into history, she practically told us what they served for afternoon teas. I think she'd have a fit about the way many historical events have been re-written to be more PC? Wonder what Snyder has to say about that?
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